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Meet A Meaningful Space!


Name:  Janelle

Title: Founder/Owner

Most Organized Area In My Home: My closets!

Favorite Things: S'mores, kitty snuggles, traveling, summertime, touring wineries, and shelling for seashells.

Not So Favorite Things: Cooking and cold weather

Little Known Fact: I studied in college to be a marine biologist.

My Why of Being a Pro Organizer: Being able to help create transformations for my clients that enable them to find relaxation and meaning in their homes!

How A Meaningful Space Can Help


Has life been over-scheduled?  Too many tasks to complete or errands to run?  At the end of a day, wouldn't it be refreshing to come home to spaces that make you feel relaxed and ready to recharge?  That is what A Meaningful Space is all about. 

Hi and welcome!  I'm Janelle, professional home and business organizer.  My love for my family, spending time outdoors, traveling the Caribbean, and my dedication to animals are some of my favorite things in life.  I used to over-schedule and spend a lot of time and energy buying material things.  I was not focusing on what was truly important and meaningful to me.


That all changed as I used my passion for organizing and creating routines to re-evaluate my home and my priorities.  If you are ready to make a change, I am ready to help you with your journey.  I'd love for you to give me a call to see how I can help.

My organizing services are personalized to you.  The details and the process are simplified and streamlined so you can be assured that your time is valued.  Hand over your organizational challenges today, so you can build a less stressful and more meaningful tomorrow.

A Meaningful Space provides all-inclusive, home organizing services for busy professionals and families.  Hands-on organizing services are available in the Macomb and Oakland county areas surrounding Detroit, Michigan and Sandusky and Ottawa county areas in Northwest Ohio.  A Meaningful Space also offers virtual organizing and is available to travel throughout the U.S.  

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