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Simplifying & Organizing

with Kids
A new parenting tool is now available!
A fun and easy online program for decluttering, organizing, and maintaining systems for the kid clutter in your home.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the kid clutter in your home, and struggling to keep up with the mess created by your kids?


Do you find yourself constantly short on time, and unsure of where to even begin when it comes to organizing with your kids?


Well, fear not! Our digital course, created by Janelle Azar, a professional home organizer with years of experience working with families, is here to simplify your life and help you get organized once and for all.

In this course, you'll learn how to involve your kids in the organizing process, making it a fun and enjoyable activity for the whole family. You'll discover simple and effective strategies for decluttering and creating functional spaces in your home. And, best of all, you'll gain the confidence and skills to tackle any organizing challenge that comes your way.

Janelle Azar, Your Mentor in Simplifying & Organizing with Kids: Online Course Creator

If you're I a good fit for this program, read on!

You are right for the Simplifying & Organizing with Kids digital course if you are a busy parent who feels overwhelmed with all the kid clutter in your home.  This course allows you to say sayonara to piles of toys, books, clothes, and papers that accompany your kiddos through the years.  If you want to declutter and organize like a boss in your own home and stop playing hopscotch over all the Legos on your living room floor then look no further because Simplifying & Organizing with Kids is right for you.

If you are...

✨Limited on time and energy 

✨Feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin

✨Have middle childhood-aged kiddos (5-12 years old)

✨Have sentimental attachments to belongings

✨Have tried time and time again to organize the kids things in your home    without much success


You're in the right place!

Simplifying & Organizing with Kids will give you back your time, your energy, and your space, and allow you the freedom to enjoy the more important things in life like experiences and quality time with your kids.

Parents Feeling Overwhelmed with Kid Clutter

What's Inside Simplifying & Organizing with Kids

Simplifying & Organizing with Kids Online Course

Module 1:
The Road to Kid Clutter

Module 2: Let's Declutter Like A Mother - Organizing with Kids Course

I'm a firm believer that you can't know where you're going until you know where you've been.  I know exactly why people have gotten stuck trying to get organized and in this module, we take a look at the entire picture of your lifestyle, your communication with your family, and your goals and expectations for organizing.

This is about gaining a deeper understanding of the "Why" and "How" clutter happens in your home and how to move forward from this point.

Module 1 Highlights:

↪ Discover your "why" of getting organized.  Understand and communicate what this means for you and for your family.

↪ Dealing with clutter can be an emotional journey.  We get clear on what emotions you may be feeling and why.

↪ Learn how to start the conversation with your kids about letting go and why it's important.

Simplifying & Organizing with Kids Online Course

Module 2:
Let's Declutter Like a Mother

Module 1: The Road to Kid Clutter - Organizing with Kids by Janelle Azar.

Now it's time to get down to the business of editing the kid stuff in your home.  I get how overwhelming this process can be.  When you're in a mountain of stuff you begin to feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew.  We're going to eliminate overwhelm with guidelines for where to start, what to keep, what to toss, and where to take the things that don't make the cut.


In this module, we give you a roadmap of how to start decluttering and provide you with helpful tools to keep you organized in the process.  

Module 2 Highlights:

Prepare you to organize with the right tools and the right mindset including how to keep fun and motivated in the process.

How to make decisions on what is the "right" amount of toys, books, clothes, and papers for you, your kids, and your home.  And we also talk about how to work with sentimental attachments that you and/or your kids have with items.

Discover why the donation process is so important and how to make this a priority once the decision to let go has been made.

Simplifying & Organizing with Kids Online Course

Module 3:
Organize & Contain: Creating Meaningful Spaces

Module 1: The Road to Kid Clutter - Organizing with Kids by Janelle Azar.

Making spaces pretty and functional is the name of this game.  Organizing what is left after the decluttering process can be fun and exciting.  And even better news...organizing isn't about achieving perfection.  Together, we discuss how to find the right blend of organization for the kid stuff in your home, tailoring it to you and your lifestyle.

And because organizing products are so fun and functional we discuss our favorite products for play spaces, bedrooms, toy storage, memorabilia, and more so you don't have to spend hours searching online for the right items for you.

Module 3 Highlights:

Discuss how to organize the different kid categories in your home so you can start to create a system.

Learn what systems will work for you so you are able to maintain your organization and your home down the road.

Discover different types of organizing products for kid spaces so you can decide if these items will help you to maintain your systems.

Simplifying & Organizing with Kids Online Course

Module 4:
Keep This Party Going: Keys to Maintenance 

Module 3: Organize & Contain, Creating Meaningful Kid Spaces - Janelle Azar's Expert Course

You've put in the effort!  You've made it through to the other side of decluttering and you've created fabulous systems to keep you organized.  So that's it, right?  Not quite!  Being organized is about maintaining those systems that you've put in place.  Think of being organized like you would a routine oil change for a car or filter change for your furnace.  Completing minor adjustments and inspections to keep your household and organizational systems running smoothly is the secret to having an organized home.

Module 4 Highlights:

↪ Identify how and what kid items come into your home on a regular basis and during times of gift-giving so you can maintain your limits and routines.

↪ Learn how and when to schedule times to do an in-depth declutter so you don't have to start from square one ever again.

↪ The benefits to you and your children of practicing playtime pickup and incorporating organizing routines.  (Working as a team to save you all time, energy, and space!)

Gwyn -
Mom of 2

Janelle is great with kids and was able to get them to participate in organizing willingly. I found out that some systems I created for them were not working.  She created an atmosphere where the kids were in charge and comfortable enough to talk through the whys, whats, and where's. 

As a result, my kids can prioritize their items, space, and time much better. The kids play with more of their toys, read more, use their imagination more and view their rooms as a place of their making.  It's been roughly two months since the kids organized their rooms and toys/games area and all systems are still in place. We have more time to do rather than taking up a lot of time literally and mentally looking for things or clearing space to do things.  We have less stress and more time together now.

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Simplifying & Organizing with Kids
Changes Lives and Is Open for Enrollment

By the end of this program you will have...

Identified Your Road to Clutter & Why You Want To Get Organized

In order to know where you're going, it's important to know where you've been.  Clutter didn't appear overnight or on its own.  Getting organized is about identifying the root causes and setting goals and expectations for your project.

Organizing Kid Items in Ways that Work for You and Your Kids

Finding the right system that works for you and your kids is an important step to making sure they will be able to maintain the organization for the long-term.  Learn how to keep systems simple and tailored to your child's style of organization in order to avoid common organizing mistakes.

Learned How To Communicate & Work With Your Kids

Communication is key!  Along with patience, understanding, and some tough love.  Having open lines of communication helps the entire family know what the goals and expectations of the organizing process.  And it helps in maintaining solutions for the long-term.

Manage the Kid Items Coming Into and Out of Your Home

Maintenance and routines are the keys to success when it comes to keeping the organization in your home.  Discover ways to incorporate limits, set boundaries, and schedule routines with your kids and their things.

Determine What Items To Let Go Of & Why

Whether it's toys, clothes, books, electronics, or papers you're here because there is just too much stuff. Discover what items to let go of along with tips and tricks to pare down.  Learn how to implement this techniques with your child so they can begin to declutter and organize as they grow!

Learn About the Emotions That Come with our Stuff

Stuff comes with emotional attachments for all of us and at any age.  Learning about what to expect with your emotions as well as your child's will help you prepare for the decluttering and organizing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sara -
Mom of 2

We had a great experience working with Janelle! She is thoughtful, detailed, and she provided ideas so we can continue to organize and declutter each room in our house. Having her in our home for one day inspired our 10 and 12-year-old daughters to donate several bags of clothes and toys and organize their own bedrooms.

Free Guide: A Meaningful Space's Expert Tips for Organizing with Kids – Perfect for Parents Seeking Order and Joy in Family S
Free Guide: A Meaningful Space's Expert Tips for Organizing with Kids – Perfect for Parents Seeking Order and Joy in Family S

Tips for Getting Started with 

Simplifying & Organizing
with Kids

How to get started

tackling kid clutter so you and your kids can have more space, less stuff, and more fun.

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