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Top 5 Favorite Organizing Products

Updated: May 6, 2020

Have you ever been overwhelmed with all of the organizing products available for purchase? There are even entire stores dedicated to getting your spaces contained. The home organizing industry is a multi-billion dollar business. By 2023, overall U.S. retail sales of home organization products are projected to reach $12.7 billion dollars with a majority of sales on DIY products.

Many people make a common mistake when it comes to purchasing products to get organized, and that mistake is buying the product without truly knowing what they need. I encourage all clients, friends, and family to make sure they complete the process of decluttering, sorting, and creating zones before investing in any product. Buying organizing products is a fun part of the process. It gives you a feeling that with the purchase you have made, comes the change you desire. However, the change must begin with making decisions about the stuff you already own.

Once the decluttering process is complete and you are left with the things that you truly use, need, and love then it is time to choose the right product for your space.


PRO ORGANIZER TIP: Make sure to correctly measure your space accounting for width, height, and depth.


Here are 5 of my favorite organizing products with links to where you can find them!

Clear Bins

Clear bins not only help contain items, but they also allow you to easily see what the bin is holding. I love using these in pantries, kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets, laundry rooms, cleaning closets, and inside your refrigerator to name a few places. Let's just be honest...I love using them everywhere! Bins help you make the most of your space by containing items that would otherwise not sit well on a shelf. One of the other great features is that if something spills or leaks the mess is contained to the bin and with plastic it is easy to clean up. While there are a variety of bins available from many places, the clear plastic storage bins with handles from The Container Store are durable, come in 4 different sizes, and also are available in color. They are very affordable ranging from $2.99 to $5.99 and are often on sale.


Turntables a.k.a. Lazy Susans

Turntables can easily transform a cramped corner cabinet into an accessible and usable space. I also like to use them in pantries for canned goods or cooking oils and also in medicine cabinets. Turntables are also often referred to as Lazy Susans.

History fact: some reports claim that Thomas Jefferson invented this item back in the 18th century, but the true origin is still somewhat unknown.

A Lazy Susan ensures items are easy to reach and they also help to maximize your storage. They come in a few different materials with the most popular being either plastic or bamboo. You can also find them in glass and even stainless steel. If choosing a plastic lazy Susan I prefer one that has a rubber liner or sides to help prevent items from sliding around. However, the look of bamboo is beautiful when using them in wood cabinets. One of my favorite turntables can be found at The Container Store.


Drawer Dividers

Keeping items in specific zones or organized by category allows you to find what you need quickly. Drawer dividers can be very helpful especially in the kitchen to contain items like cutlery, utensils, and even small items like napkin rings.

They can also be used in a variety of other areas and are great for offices, crafts, makeup, and catch-all drawers. Most dividers are available in either plastic or bamboo and can be found at almost any retailer. One of my favorite divider systems is the Everything Drawer Organizers at The Container Store.

Another great feature of drawer dividers is that they come in so many shapes and sizes which allows you to customize just about any drawer or space. There are several types available and they include expandable, trays, stackable, and individual. Measuring the space where you will be using this product is very important to make sure you get the sizes you need.


PRO ORGANIZER TIP: Use rubber dots or even museum gel to keep dividers in place if they don't come with a rubber grip on the bottom.


Command Hooks

These are useful in so many ways and in so many spaces! One of my favorite organizer hacks is to use the broom and mop grippers to secure these cleaning items to a wall. It's a great way to get these items off the floor and to save some space. One of my clients has used the small wire hooks under her kitchen cabinet to hang coffee mugs and another client uses them to hang measuring cups and spoons. Command products stick to a variety of surfaces including wood, tile, and paint to name a few. Cord bundlers are also a great option to tame all of your unsightly electronic cords. There are also clear caddies to use under the sink, inside a cabinet, or on a wall. 3M has thought of just about all the hanging solutions with their Command products and you can conveniently purchase these just about anywhere.



Using labels helps reinforce where your items belong. They are a useful tool to help encourage the routine of putting things back and for helping others in the home know where items should go. Labels can be used in any room of the home. Linen closets, bathroom cabinets, pantries, garages, and more!

There are many choices when it comes to labels and label makers. You can even create hand-written labels if you prefer with a fine-point marker or even with chalk and chalkboard labels. If you're very crafty and have access to a vinyl cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette you can create your own custom vinyl labels. For my every day, basic labeling purposes I prefer to use the Brother P-Touch Cube or the Brother P-Touch. The Cube is great because it connects with your phone wirelessly. It offers a variety of templates and fonts in the app and works with both Apple and Android devices.


For more product suggestions and ideas, check out the shop page on my website for A Meaningful Space



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