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How We Begin

It all starts with a 30-60 minute assessment of your space.  We determine what works and what doesn't work and what would make you happy when you see the space.  It's best for the space to be in it's normal day to day condition.  In other words, don't feel the need to tidy up.  We are not there to judge the space or you!  During the assessment we will discuss what your vision and desired outcome will be and based upon our discussion you will be provided with package options that best suit your needs. 

Moving Forward

This is where we get down to business.  It's important and helpful for you to be involved in this process, but not necessary.  We will sort and categorize items, eliminate or purge if necessary, assign everything a home, and evaluate any need for storage containers.  You aren't required to purge or get rid of items for the organizing process to work, but it can be helpful in maintaining your space.  As for storage solutions, we try to use what you already have.  We also give recommendations for what may work and will even provide shopping assistance at a separate hourly rate.

Evaluate and Maintain

At the end of your session we will wrap-up and review.  You will be provided with tips and techniques to help you maintain your newly organized space. Sometimes clients benefit from regular help in order to maintain and that is OK!  You can sign up for a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly service so you don't have to worry about your space staying organized.

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