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I've been organized since the beginning.  I was born with an innate sense to categorize and straighten.  I would dream of being a secretary or a school teacher and organize my "assignments" and write lists on my chalkboard.  You could find me organizing my toy chest or perhaps lining up my stuffed animals according to size.

Growing up my parents taught me about living according to the "golden rules".  I learned how important it was to be respectful and gracious and to work hard for what you wanted.  I got the life lessons about how to dig in and get your hands dirty and to be resourceful, not wasteful.  And most importantly, I learned that life was not about the things you had, it was first and foremost about family.  My parents spent their careers in selfless professions where they focused on helping others.  My dad spent 35 years as a high-school educator and my mom spent just as many years as a nurse.  I believe that watching them in these roles is why helping others has always been a natural fit for me.

The entrepreneurial gene I got from watching my grandparents manage their own successful tile business for almost 60 years.  And before my time, my great-grandmother operated her own clothing shop.  Clearly, ancestry is a hobby for me, and being an entrepreneur is in my DNA.

My skills for organizing got put to the test in 2000 when my family moved out of our 2,000 square foot home after 22 years.  I was the one that spearheaded the packing and moving efforts since I was home from college with some free time.  I took on the challenge of coordinating a move and a garage sale in less than 2 weeks with no prior experience.  It was thrilling!

Fast-forward 15 years and I found myself in a career with a national retail company in management.  The job was constantly evolving, the day was never the same, and I always found myself wearing several different hats.  I loved the versatility that the job provided but felt that my true passion was still missing.  I researched several different career paths and then finally came back to what brought me joy as a kid.  


I had finally found a way to combine my passion for organizing with my love for helping others, and a way to do it on my terms.  In 2018, I founded A Meaningful Space, a professional home organizing business. I bring with me my years of customer service experience and the ability to pivot and adapt at the drop of a hat.  I also bring my love of helping others by providing my unique gift of organization.  I truly believe that your home should be a place for you to enjoy.  A place where you find comfort and relaxation.  A place where you can focus on your family, and not all of your things.

Let me welcome you to A Meaningful Space!



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