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From messy to meaningful...
let's organize your space!

We're here to help you design organizing systems that are sustainable, personalized, and perfect for you and your family. And we promise to do it in a way that's engaging, authentic, and maybe even a little bit fun.

Signature Home Organizing

With our signature home organizing, we work to transform your spaces into organized, efficient, and easy-to-use areas that are tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.  Whether it involves your entire home or just one room, A Meaningful Space is ready to introduce functionality and organization into your home through intentional editing, categorization, and organization of your belongings.

Transformed Pantry Spaces: A Meaningful Space in Metro Detroit
Unpacking Services from A Meaningful Space | Metro Detroit MI

Moving Support

Moving is stressful, but unpacking doesn't have to be. A Meaningful Space offers unpacking services that transform your new house into a home from day one. No more searching for misplaced items or stumbling over boxes—just the freedom to enjoy your space and make it truly yours.

Virtual Services

Redefine the way you organize with A Meaningful Space's virtual organizing services. Whether through video technology or phone consultations, our approach takes the do-it-yourself process to the next level. You retain the flexibility to work on your own schedule, enhanced by the guidance of a professional organizer to assist you in making decisions and establishing goals.

Janelle Azar: Creating Harmony and Order as the Face of A Meaningful Space
Pantry Bliss in Metro Detroit: A Meaningful Space's Expert Touch

Janelle is a true organizational professional, so kind, I have never seen someone work harder. She came up with storage solutions for our house we would never have thought of no matter how much research we did on our own. We also suffer from “decision fatigue” and she helped us get rid of so much clutter and make well thought out decisions. She taught us valuable lessons such as when you bring something into the home be sure to donate something old. Thank you so much Janelle I can’t wait to have you help us with future projects. I cannot recommend her enough.

-Eriola F. 

Expert Closet Organization by A Meaningful Space in Metro Detroit

They were phenomenal! I highly recommend them. They reorganized two large bedroom closets which were fantastic to work with. Very responsive and on time for all of our appointments!

-Connie M.

A Glimpse Inside: A Meaningful Space's Closet Perfection in Metro Detroit

Working with A Meaningful Space has been positively life-changing for me and the whole family. I've tried to organize myself, the house, and the kids rooms on my own and I was never able to find a system we could sustain.

They find systems that work for the individual and the space and help break it down into small steps while still keeping the big picture in mind.  Working with A Meaningful Space is well worth the time and money spent.

-Gwyn L.

A Meaningful Space is honestly the best thing to happen to my household! Not only do they help you re-organize, but they get to know you, like really know you and your family to make new systems that work WITH you.

-Dakota R.

Your ideal home awaits—let's bring it to life.

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