5 Tips For A Master Closet Makeover

My collection of store plastic hangers had finally gotten the better of me. I decided it was time to convert my closet to a more unified look and the result has been the gift of more space! This project also gave me the opportunity to sort and purge my winter wardrobe and really take a good look at whether or not an item of clothing deserved a space on a new hanger.

It had been about 6 months since my last go through of the closet and as a retail employee, I have amassed quite the collection of great bargains and amazing deals.

This leads me into my first tip, just because something is a great deal doesn't mean you need to buy it or keep it! I am guilty of falling into this trap on occasion. Have you heard the statistic that we wear 20% of our closet, 80% of the time? How true is that??? Try to really imagine where that piece fits into your wardrobe before you buy it. Are you really going to wear it? If it is too late to make that assessment, then think about the last time you wore an item. If it's been too long to remember or there is a thin layer of dust on i