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A Meaningful Space: 10 Must Have Items In Your Junk Drawer

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Almost every house has at least one. The dreaded junk drawer. The catch all of whatever doesn't fit anywhere else in the house. Opening that drawer can even be a little intimidating. You never know what you may find. A random birthday candle, a tangled mess of earbuds, and lots of loose change have all found their way into my junk drawer.

However, that drawer can hold a lot of useful items that we need all the time! So here is the breakdown on my top 10 items that every junk drawer should have.

1. Scissors/Box Cutter: Scissors are used for so many different things. I keep 2 pairs in my drawer, 1 large pair of kitchen shears and 1 smaller pair. And if you online shop, you NEED a box cutter!

2. Tape/Gorilla Glue: Makes wrapping a gift easy. I keep regular tape and double-sided just in case. The Gorilla glue is great for making quick repairs.

3. Lighter/Matches: How else can you easily light a candle, grill, a fire in general?

4. Screwdriver: Philips and Flathead: Keep one of each handy or if you like to be multi-purpose, have one with interchangeable heads.

5. Post-Its: Perfect for that last minute note or a reminder for a loved one!

6. Pen/Pencils/Sharpie: Because the art of hand written notes isn't completely dead yet. Sharpies work really well for writing on freezer bags for meal prep too.

7. Flashlight: Obviously...helpful if the power goes out. Or if you have cats at home, they love a good game of chasing the flashlight.

8. Spare Keys: Great if you have someone housesitting or if you can't remember where you put your own key.

9. Batteries with a battery tester: A huge time saver. Easily check to see if a battery is good or needs to be replaced.

10. Tape Measurer: A small tape measurer eliminates the need to dig through a tool box to get your measuring task done.

Other Options:

11. Lint roller: essential for any pet owner

12. Fabric fusion pen/hem tape: for a fashion emergency

13. Take Out Menus: because who wants to cook every night? See my binder below! It has tabs for different types of food and plastic sleeves to hold all the different menus. It keeps them all together in one spot! No need to go buy something fancy. All you need is a binder, some divider tabs, and some plastic sleeves to hold the menus!

One of the most useful tools in the junk drawer is a battery organizer. The battery organizer holds several sizes of batteries and is compact enough to keep in a drawer or if you prefer to mount on a wall. You can easily see what batteries you have and with the attached tester you never have to wonder whether or not those batteries are any good. The one below from Amazon is very affordable...less than $15!

Make sure to measure your drawer before you buy an organizer! There are many options available, but make sure it will work in your drawer before you commit!

What's in your junk drawer?? Comment below with your junk drawer essentials!

Junk Drawer Organization

Battery Organizer with Battery Tester Included

Take Out Menu Binder



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