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A Meaningful Space: 25 Experiences to Gift Instead of Things

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Mother's Day is right around the corner and finding the perfect gift for Mom can be challenging! With so many advertisements that surround this holiday and many others, there seem to be so many options available. Does Mom really need a new bathrobe, a piece of jewelry, or a pair of slippers? Or does Mom just want to appreciate time and experiences with her loved ones? As a society, we have been trained to believe that "stuff" is more valuable than time spent together. Many of us believe buying an item is how you show someone that you care about them.

My family started experiencing the "list" syndrome a few years ago. We had no idea what to get each other for Christmas or birthdays or special occasions. So, we asked one another to make a list. Then we would set a budget and trade items back and forth. Half of the time, we all had issues coming up with ideas! Or we didn't end up needing, using, or wanting the stuff we had asked for!

After going through these list-making sessions each year, we decided as a family that it would be a much better idea to invest in an experience together. There were other factors that also helped our family to decide to eliminate gifts. My parents have been working to downsize and remove unnecessary items from their home. My brother is a busy professional that doesn't have a lot of spare time or space for clutter. And to top it off, with our jobs it has been very difficult to spend most holidays as a family.

Two years ago that all changed. We started a new tradition that involved no gift giving for any occasion. Instead, we decide as a family to take a week-long vacation somewhere in the world.

Family Trip to St. Martin

These family vacations have given us the opportunity to share new experiences together as a family. Most importantly, we have built memories that we will have forever. Those memories in my opinion are infinitely more valuable than any tangible item someone could buy for me.

As you consider what to gift this year for Mother's Day or any special holiday, think about an experience you could have together instead. It doesn't have to be a week-long vacation or a big expense. The list below has 25 ideas to get your "experience giving" thought process moving!



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