Decanting: Yes, No, Maybe?

Are you asking yourself, "What is decanting?" Here is the dictionary definition: "to gradually pour from one container into another". The term is normally used to refer to transferring liquid, specifically wine. (Now that is a process I can get behind!). But decanting is also about the movement of food and other products into new containers.

If you've spent any time on Pinterest, all you have to do is search for pantry organization and you will see the most perfectly set up pantries with clear jars, containers, bins, and baskets all with matching labels and absolutely no cardboard food boxes. As a professional organizer, I can certainly create such a pantry, but it's also just as important to me to make sure your organized spaces are able to be maintained and work for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Keep reading for the pros and cons for decanting in your pantry.