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Are there any other Netflix viewers out there? If you didn't know this about me I love to binge-watch Netflix shows. So when the second season of "Get Organized" with The Home Edit debuted last month I was all in. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share with you my take on the show and the reality vs. expectations when working with a professional organizer. Clearly, anything made for TV needs to be captivating and entertaining and the show checks all of those boxes.

Here is what I love:

  • The dynamic between the founders Clea and Joanna and their team.

  • The projects. They vary from everyday families to celebrities.

  • Amazing transformations

  • The attention the show brings to professional organizing.

  • Good tips and advice for getting organized.


Watch my video review below or keep reading for my take on reality versus made-for-TV.


Now that I've given you my likes of the show I want to put into perspective the expectations and the reality of how a professional organizing project comes together. What You See on the Show: Organizing a space can happen in a day's time with new furniture, products, and installation. Reality Check: While this is true and can be done, more than likely your project will take some time. Not all projects or organizers will have a team to work with them. Picking out furniture, scheduling installation, and shopping for products takes time, research, and planning well in advance. What You See on the Show: Product is plentiful and abundant and use it wherever you can. Reality Check: Product can be helpful in maintaining organization systems. However, you will also want to consider your budget. Acrylic bins and pretty baskets come in many sizes, shapes, and prices. A walk-in pantry with all the bells and whistles can range from $500-$1,000 and more in organizing products. What You See on the Show: Organizing by color all the time. Reality Check: Organizing by color doesn't work for everyone or for every space. When you work with a professional organizer they will help tailor systems to your home and your needs. There is no wrong or right way to organize. Do what makes sense to you. If your system is too complicated you will not want or be able to maintain it long-term.


When it's all said and done I hope you tune in and enjoy the show. There are inspirational transformations and it's an overall good time. But if you find that The Home Edit girls aren't quite your style...check out some other great organizing shows I love. Sort It Out on The Design Network Hot Mess House on HGTV Legacy List w/Matt Paxton on PBS


Looking to declutter or organize? Moving soon and need help packing or unpacking? Let's chat! Connect with me by email, text, or phone.


Thanks for following along on our journey as we declutter and organize!



& The A Meaningful Space Team



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