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What You Should Ask Before You Hire a Professional Organizer

Whenever you hire any professional you should be prepared to find out some important details about who they are and the service they provide. I like to think of it as a job interview. Over the years I have spoken to many clients and potential clients through email or phone conversations about organizing in their homes. Here are some of the questions that they have asked as well as some that maybe you hadn't considered.


The Basics

  1. How long have you been in business?

  2. What days/hours are you available to work?

  3. How do I communicate with you?

  4. Do you specialize in a particular area of organizing (chronic disorganization, pantries, etc.) and/or what services do you provide?

  5. Do you have business/general liability insurance?

  6. What are your policies and procedures regarding Covid-19?

  7. Will I be working with you directly or another organizer?

  8. Do you have a written agreement or contract for services?

  9. Are you affiliated with any industry organizations and/or do you have any credentials?

  10. Can you provide references?


Your Project

  1. What is your process for working with a client?

  2. Do you prefer to work with or without the client involved in the process?

  3. How do you determine the amount of time a project will take?

  4. How many hours is a session or how many hours per day can I expect you to be working on my project?

  5. I've tried organizing before, how will it be different with you?


Pricing Information

  1. Do you charge by hour/session/package of sessions/project?

  2. How do you accept payment?

  3. What is included in your pricing?

  4. What is your cancellation policy?

  5. Do you provide supplies for the project?


Having these questions as a guideline will help you navigate your search for a professional organizer. However, what you should also consider is whether or not the professional you are speaking with seems to understand your goals. Do they listen to you? Do they ask you questions about your home and your project? It is so important that you are comfortable with the person you are inviting into your home. Personality and skill set are key so don't let price be your only deciding factor. Ultimately, the most successful organizing projects are when both the client and the organizer communicate well, share the goals for your space, and have a mutual understanding and respect for one another.



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