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3 Spaces to Get Organized for Spring

Here it is at the end of March and it was snowing this morning! Gahhh! Not exactly my favorite way to start the spring season. But when you live in the Midwest snow in spring is pretty much inevitable.

So instead of focusing on the dreary days, we are going to spend time preparing for the spring and summer. When those warm days arrive we will be able to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the organization or the things in our homes.

I am going to share with you 3 spaces that you can start evaluating and organizing today. These 3 spaces will provide a dramatic and immediate impact on the organization of your home for the spring season.


1. Coat Closet & Entryway

Start with switching out winter coats for spring jackets and snow boots for rain boots. Store these items in another closet or space if you have a smaller coat closet. It's easier to find what you're looking for if you're not digging through items for the previous season.

This is also a great time to update a command center or calendar with spring activities or current to-do lists.

ORGANIZER TIP: Keep an errand bin by the entry door. This helps have a placeholder for those items that "need to be taken care of" by being dropped off or returned. A great way to remind yourself as you're leaving your home.


2. Bedroom Closet & Wardrobe

The change of the seasons is a great time to evaluate clothing. Make sure to ask yourself, "Did I wear this during the season?". I like to turn my hangers backward so I can easily see if I did or didn't wear the item. And if you have a smaller closet pack up your winter clothes and switch them out for your warm-weather wardrobe. For those of you with walk-in closets move your winter clothes to the back and make way for season-appropriate attire. If you're looking to complete a deeper dive on what to toss and keep in your closet check out our blog post on Questions to Ask When Decluttering Your Closet.

ORGANIZER TIP: Keep a donation bin in your closet. This simplifies your decision-making on getting rid of your clothes. You try something on and you don't like the way it looks or you realize it has a snag or a the donation bin, it goes.


3. Home Maintenance

There are 3 spaces within this category that you'll want to give a once over.

  • Exterior: Check your roof, doors, deck/patio for wear and tear from the winter. Also check-in for pest control needs, sprinkler systems, and yard cleanup

  • Interior: Check appliances for interior cleanings like the refrigerator, dishwasher, or washing machine. Change air filters, smoke detector batteries, and water filters.

  • Garage: Switch out season equipment like snowblowers for lawnmowers and make way for bikes and warm weather sports equipment. Also, check any patio furniture you stored to see if everything is ready for the season.

PRO ORGANIZER TIP: Keep those "forgotten spaces" free and clear of clutter. Forgotten spaces can be under the kitchen or utility sink or around a sump pump or water heater. You never know when a water leak may occur. It's best to keep these areas easily accessible and to check them frequently.


Want more tips on organizing your home for spring?

You can follow A Meaningful Space on Instagram and Facebook for more photos and ideas for spring organizing tips, before and afters, and other organizing fun. If you are struggling with routines, time management, or clutter in your home, reach out to me at to see how I can help you!



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