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7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered (and How to Fix Them)

7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered and How To Fix Them - Home Organizing - A Meaningful Space - Michigan

Let's face it: clutter sneaks into our homes, making them feel more chaotic than comforting.

It's that ever-growing pile of papers on the counter and the tangled mess of cords behind the TV that can turn a cozy space into an unsightly, cluttered stress zone.

So grab a cup of tea or coffee, take a deep breath, and let's dive into seven examples of things that can make your home look cluttered. And don't worry...I'll also give some practical solutions to fix these troublesome spots so you can reclaim your space and keep it looking streamlined and organized.

Let's get into it!


1. Chaotic Cords & Cables

7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered and How To Fix Them - Home Organizing - A Meaningful Space - Michigan

With our ever-growing collection of electronic devices, managing cords and cables can feel like an endless battle. They start to look like an entangled web and before you know it you've got an unsightly mess that will leave you guessing which cord belongs to which device.

To tackle this problem, invest in cable management solutions such as cord covers, zip ties, or cable clips. These tools can help keep cords organized and out of sight, giving your home a cleaner and more streamlined appearance.

While you're at it, label the cords too. If you need to unplug something or it gets separated from the device you won't be second guessing what that darn cable belongs to later on.


2. Clear Those Counters!

7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered and How To Fix Them - Home Organizing - A Meaningful Space - Michigan

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, and boy, can it turn into a chaotic "drop zone" in no time! It's where everything from mail to keys finds its way, cluttering up those once pristine countertops. And let's face it, this mess not only slows us down but also takes away from the charm of our homes.

So, here's the deal: keep those countertops clutter-free by ditching anything you don't use. Get creative with vertical space—shelves or racks for spices and cookbooks can be lifesavers. Invest in multi-functional appliances to cut down on clutter (and maybe save some counter space too!) And hey, let's not forget about zoning—designate specific areas for meal prep, cooking, and whatnot. Lastly, stackable baskets and clear containers are your new best friends for maximizing cabinet space and keeping those countertops organized and clear.

So, reclaim your kitchen from chaos, and enjoy a clutter-free, functional space that truly reflects the heart of your home!


3. Decorative Throw Pillows and Blankets

7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered and How To Fix Them - Home Organizing - A Meaningful Space - Michigan

I've seen firsthand how a pile of throw pillows and blankets can quickly turn a cozy living space into a cluttered mess. I totally get the allure of collecting them for that perfect blend of comfort and style but having too many can easily overwhelm our space. They end up scattered across the couch, draped over furniture, and even spilling onto the floor. It creates more of a mess than the cozy, inviting vibe you are probably going for. I understand the temptation to buy more, especially when they're so tempting during each new season. But overindulging in them can actually distract from the overall look and feel of your home.

I've got a few simple yet effective ways to keep your space looking stylish and tidy.

  • Edit Regularly: Make it a habit to go through your throw pillows and blankets every so often. Toss out anything that's worn out or no longer fits your style. Keeping only the ones you truly love and use will help manage clutter.

  • Store Strategically: Find a good spot to stash away extra throw pillows and blankets when not in use. A decorative basket or ottoman that doubles as storage works great, keeping everything tidy yet accessible.

  • Create a Rotating Display: Instead of having all your throw pillows and blankets out at once, try rotating them seasonally. It keeps your space feeling fresh without overwhelming it.

  • Limit Impulse Purchases: Consider if you really need a new throw pillow or blanket before buying it. And remember, you can always follow the "one in, one out" rule!

By following these tips, you can keep your space feeling cute, cozy, and clutter-free with just the right amount of throw pillows and blankets.


4. DIY Works in Progress

7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered and How To Fix Them - Home Organizing - A Meaningful Space - Michigan

We've all been there - that initial burst of creativity strikes, and you dive headfirst into a DIY project. Maybe it's a hand-knitted scarf that gets abandoned after the first row of stitches, or a picture frame waiting for the perfect photo that never quite materializes.

These half-finished craft projects can wreak havoc on your home's tidiness. The scattered yarn ends, glue bottles, and stray beads create a visually overwhelming scene, making it hard to relax and enjoy your space.

Plus, those partially completed projects hog valuable surface space that could be used for everyday tasks or displaying cherished items. What's more, seeing them every day can be a silent source of stress, a nagging reminder of something left undone. No wonder your once-organized home feels cluttered!

Taming those half-finished craft projects? Here's the trick: corral them!

  1. Find a corner, table, or bin to be their home base. This keeps tools and yarn from spreading like wild vines.

  2. Next, break your project into bite-sized chunks and set deadlines. Finishing a small step feels great, and remember to put away your supplies after each mini-victory.

  3. Lastly, grab some bins or boxes. When you're not actively crafting, stash your project away with a label so you can find it easily next time. Now your home can breathe (and you can avoid that looming sense of unfinished business)!


5. Mismatched & Worn Out Rugs

7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered and How To Fix Them - Home Organizing - A Meaningful Space - Michigan

Those once-loved rugs? Now they're mismatched eyesores. Clashing patterns and faded colors create visual chaos, like mismatched socks on your floor. Plus, worn patches and the wrong size throw everything off balance. Time to tame the clutter and bring back the cozy vibes!

Here are 3 ways to address the issue of mismatched and worn rugs:

  • Replace your mismatched rugs with a set that complements your existing decor.

  • Choose a unifying color palette or pattern that ties the room together and creates a sense of visual harmony.

  • If you're attached to some of your mismatched rugs, consider layering them strategically. Use a larger, neutral-colored rug as a base and layer a smaller patterned rug on top to add a touch of personality without overwhelming the space.


5. Shoe Piles Everywhere

Those kicked-off shoes after a long day? They might seem harmless, but a growing pile by the door (or let's be honest, anywhere else they land) can turn your home into an obstacle course. A jumble of sneakers, boots, and sandals creates a visually overwhelming mess. Not only does it make the entrance look chaotic, but it can also be a tripping hazard and a magnet for dirt and dust tracked in from outside.

7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered and How To Fix Them - Home Organizing - A Meaningful Space - Michigan

So how do we tame the shoe avalanche?

First things first, designate a landing zone! A shoe rack by the door, a basket near the entryway, or even cubbies built into a closet can corral the clutter and keep things organized. For overflowing collections, consider under-bed storage containers or vertical shoe organizers that maximize space. Now you can come home, kick off your shoes, and actually relax in a clutter-free zone.


6. Oversized or Too Much Furniture

7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered and How To Fix Them - Home Organizing - A Meaningful Space - Michigan

Cramming too much furniture, or pieces that are just too big for the space, can turn your living room into a cluttered maze. Imagine squeezing through a narrow hallway to dodge a giant armchair, or feeling like the walls are closing in because every inch is occupied by a bulky sofa. Not only does it make navigating the room a challenge, but it also creates a visually overwhelming and suffocating atmosphere.

So, how do we breathe some life back into the space?

Start by walking around the room and consider the flow. Can you move freely without bumping into anything? Next, be honest - does that oversized couch overpower the room? Sometimes, downsizing a key piece can make a world of difference. If you're attached to everything, consider rearranging furniture to create designated zones for conversation or relaxation. This can help visually define the space and make it feel more open.

Finally, embrace the power of empty space! Leaving some breathing room between furniture can make the room feel less cramped and more inviting. Now you can finally relax and enjoy your living room without feeling like you're trapped in a furniture fort!


7. Dim Lighting

Dim lighting can be a sneaky culprit behind the cluttered feeling. Think about it: you walk into a room bathed in soft light, and shadows dance in the corners, making it hard to see what's actually there. Are those clothes piled on a chair or just a phantom laundry monster lurking in the dimness?

Without proper illumination, the details of your space get obscured, creating a sense of visual confusion. This can make even a tidy room feel cluttered and overwhelming. But fear not, there are ways to brighten your mood and your space!

Open those curtains, blinds, and let the sunshine in.

7 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered and How To Fix Them - Home Organizing - A Meaningful Space - Michigan

Next, layer your lighting. A combination of ambient overhead lights, cozy task lamps, and strategically placed accent lights can banish the shadows and illuminate every corner. Finally, consider the color temperature of your bulbs. Opt for bright, cool white bulbs in areas where you need good visibility, and switch to warm white bulbs for a more relaxing ambiance. With a little extra light, your home will feel more organized and inviting, and those phantom clutter monsters won't stand a chance!


Alright, that's it! We've talked about seven sneaky things that might be making your home feel more cluttered than it actually is. Between the rogue shoe piles and the ever-growing mountain of throw pillows, it's no wonder we all get tripped up by clutter sometimes. But the good news is, these are all totally fixable! By tackling these little guys, you can turn your home into a calm and organized oasis (think less obstacle course, more zen retreat).

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a basket, a lightbulb, and maybe some cable ties, and let's banish the clutter together! Your future self (and your sanity) will thank you for it.

Home Organizer - A Meaningful Space - Janelle Azar - Michigan - Home Organization

Thanks for following along on our journey as we declutter and organize!



& The A Meaningful Space Team

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